Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ten Minutes of Hell

Every Saturday night I begin my workout with a little sequence I affectionately refer to as Ten Minutes of Hell.

After a short jog and a decent stretch, I will put on my weight vest, my extra layer of clothing and begin ten, one-minute calisthenics.

:30 slow motion knuckle pushups (pushups with my hands in fists, knuckles on the ground
:one minute of regular situps (I typically get about 25 done in this time)
:one minute of frog jumps (jumps from a squat position, which involve pulling the feet up to my rear end at the height of the jump; I typically get in about 16 in one minute)
:30 wide-base, fingertip pushups (this actually doesn't take one minute, but I can't do hese slow and I can't do more than 30)
:one minute of crunches (actually, I fill the time not used by fingertip pushups PLUS one minute of crunches)
:one minute of two-foot leaps up to the second, third and fourth steps on my stairway
:30 narrow-base pushups (also doesn't take 60 seconds, so I fill with situps)
:one minute of trunk-rotation sit-ups
:one minute of running stairs (I usually get five flights done in this time, with alernating footwork patterns)
:one minute of alternating 10 pushups, ten situps, 5 frog jumps

The great part about these ten minutes is that I do them without pause. So, by the end, I've done some upper body strength, some core strength, and some great leg work, all while elevating my heart rate substantially and getting a good cardio and endurance work.

It's one of my favorite exercise sequences. I hate it.

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