Monday, January 7, 2008

What The Heck Is This Blog?

The Hindu believe that there are four paths to transcending life--to achieve a higher state of being. These four paths are these: the Way of Knowledge, the Way of Love, the Way of Work, and the Way of Exercise.

Note: is this a GROSS simplification? Yes. Sorry--you'll see the point shortly.

The ancient Greeks believed that a person, to be ideal, must be equally accomplished in the athletic, the intellectual, and the artistic realms.

The "Renaissance Man" ideal was of a person equally skilled at many things of diverse origin, particularly being knowledgable in both the arts and the sciences.

What I am driving at with all of these is this: there is vastly more to each person than our hyper-specialized culture values, and that the potential each of us possess is of a far broader scope than we are usually called upon to demonstrate.

What this blog is is a journal of my efforts to find a state of wellness, of equilibrium--even of happiness--by making efforts in the various facets of my being.

For the purposes of this blog, I will identify those four facets as the physical, the intellecual, the artistic, and the spiritual. Again, that is probably a simplification, but I'm going to go with that, for now.

Do I expect anybody to read this? Not really, though, of course, it would be cool. Do I expect anybody to take any of it as advice? Gosh, no--I have absolutely NO expertise in this area. This is nothing more than a chronicle of my personal journey towards that equilibrium that I think, I expect (I hope), leads to happiness and wellness.

By the way, I would fully welcome any--ANY--contributions anyone would like to make along these lines. Feel free to comment (when I get that set up) and, if you have insights you'd like share, I'll bump them up into the regular sections.

Tomorrow night, an explanation of how I intend to chronicle this journey.

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