Friday, January 18, 2008

Tonight's Emphasis:Spritual/Artistic

Occassionally, one of my pursuits overlaps categories. I try.

Of late I've been working on a piece of music that accomplishes this very thing. Growing up Catholic, I've been well-schooled in the forms of religious music; now that I'm an Evangelical, I understand better how useful music is for worship. And, of course, being a musician, I appreciate the intersection of those several elements.

So I've been working on an Agnus Dei, "Lamb of God," lately. Somehow, in my addled brain, I imagine it will become one of the movements of my Mass--I've already completed a Gloria, though I have yet to find a venue for its performance. The Agnus Dei is the natural extension of that cycle.

I know, I know . . .why would an Evangelical write a Mass? Well, that's a pretty complex question which would delve pretty deep into issues of my upbringing and the relationship between my parents and my wife. Suffice, for now, to say that while I disagree with the Roman Church on some points theological, I have--since becoming an Evangelical--discovered a newfound, deep respect for the traditions and rituals of the Catholic Church.

And one of those is the Mass. Is it . . presumptuous . . .to take on the task of writing such a piece of music? Perhaps. But I began writing music as curriculum for my own students, I extended it as a mercenary means to provide extra for my family, and it occurred to me that I really should try to use that God-given talent to glorify God. So I've been working through some of the forms for the last few years.

So on writing nights I get to use that musical/artistic talent and craft, with a mind to doing something worshipful to fulfill my spiritual side. In the process, trying to come up with lyrics has caused me to do quite a lot of reading and researching in the Bible. So . . bonus.

ANyway . . kid's crying. gotta go.

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